Subdivisions in Atherton Tablelands


Residential & Commercial

If you’re looking for an experienced team to subdivide a parcel of land for residential, commercial or civil development, we can partner with you. Watto’s Earthmoving & Machinery Hire is a trusted provider of residential, commercial and civil subdivision services in the Atherton Tablelands.

With an experienced and highly-skilled team, a comprehensive fleet and a wide range of knowledge and expertise, we can assist you in delivering a successful subdivision project. We provide services throughout Atherton, Cairns, Tablelands and Innisfail, and can handle land clearing and preparation works of any scope. We keep our equipment well maintained with regular servicing, preventing break downs and ensuring optimum performance.

Infrastructure & Facilities

Our services include creating access points for water and sewerage, building bitumen or asphalt roads, kerbs and channelling, and building stormwater facilities. We have completed major earth works for many large companies, including Telstra and Ergon.

Through the years, we have developed a deep understanding of the regulatory issues, guidelines and conditions for subdivision developments, in accordance with the Queensland Development Code and local councils in our service areas. We put safety first on every project, we are fully compliant with OH&S regulations and carry full public liability insurance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I operate an excavator myself?
Yes, but only if you are licensed to do so. Operating large equipment requires specific licensing, as mandated by state and local councils. To obtain the required license, you’ll need to enrol in in a truck driving school.
What size excavator would I need for a standard project?
This depends on the project. A standard excavator is larger than 7 tonnes and less than 45 tonnes. These types of excavators are the most versatile. They can work well on almost any type of job, due to their power and their ability to fit into most spaces.
How much can an excavator lift?
An excavator on average, has approximately 15,000 kilos of lift capacity. But, as the load is lifted 5 feet off the ground, the bucket’s lift point is elevated to 10 feet. This in turn, diminishes the machine’s capacity to around 13,000 kilos.