Land Clearing in Atherton Tablelands


Site Preparation

At Watto’s Earthmoving & Machinery Hire we provide professional land clearing services for properties of all sizes, in all conditions. We can do complete site preparation work for residential, commercial and civil properties. Based in Atherton Tablelands, our service area includes Cairns and Innisfail.

From simple land clearing for residential blocks through to complex site preparation and land rehabilitation work for large developments, our skilled team can handle the job. Whether you’re landscaping, farming or developing for infrastructure, we can provide professional excavation and earthmoving services to accommodate. We work with residential, commercial and civil projects.
Fully equipped
With a robust fleet of equipment including dozers, excavators, and trucks, we can easily choose the most cost-effective option for efficiently clearing large parcels of vegetation. And whether you need a single area or large expanse of land cleared, we’ve got it covered.

Land clearing for:
  • Residential development
  • Commercial development
  • Landscaping
  • Farming & agriculture
  • Civil development
Get your land cleared quickly and safely by some of the most experienced operators in the region.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit to clear my land?
Yes. In Queensland, clearing native vegetation is controlled by both the Australian and Queensland governments. Before starting on a land clearing project, you need to first obtain a property report and vegetation maps, to help you identify the requirements and to guide you in choosing the right clearing option.
How much land can be cleared in a day?
The answer to this question is subjective. But on average, one day or 8 working hours should be enough to clear 2-3 acres of land.
What equipment do I need to remove stumps?
An excavator is ideal for stump removal, a 315 Cat or 160 size excavators should work well for average sized stumps. For larger hard wood stumps, you may need more powerful machinery.