Excavation & Earthmoving in Atherton Tablelands


Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Civil

Watto’s Earthmoving & Machinery Hire is the go-to in Atherton Tablelands and the surrounding areas for all things excavation and earthmoving. With an extensive, reliable fleet of reliable heavy machinery including dozers, excavators, graders, trucks, backhoes and loaders, we can take on residential, commercial industrial and civil earthwork of any scope.
  • Earthmoving
  • Land clearing
  • Excavation
  • Subdivision works
  • Drainage & plant hire
  • Dam building or maintenance
  • Driveways & levelling
  • Platforms for houses & sheds
  • Trenching
  • Civil construction
We have an excellent safety record and a reputation
For hassle free projects, completed on time and on budget. Our experience covers civil works and road works, as well as council and main road contracts. Tell us about your earthmoving requirements today or arrange a quote for your project.
With a large fleet of earthmoving equipment and an experienced team, you can count on us to complete your new development on time. We can handle all stages from site preparation to road construction.
Building Platforms
Get a perfectly even and level platform to ensure the structural integrity for your build. Whether you’re building a house or multi-level development, we will ensure the ground is well-prepared for construction.
Regardless of the challenges of the terrain, we can build a pad for the shed, create a new stable driveway or rehabilitate an old service road for safe access. We can also take care of all excavation and clearing work.
Whether you need a new dam or an old one repaired, we can help. At Watto’s Earthmoving we’re fully insured and compliant with all council regulations, and we prioritise safety on all dam building projects.
Our professional land clearing services will ensure your site is well prepared for any development. Efficient and experienced, we can clear the ground for landscaping, construction, agriculture and more, quickly and easily.
We keep our comprehensive fleet of earthmoving and excavation equipment and heavy machinery, well-maintained and prepared for hire at all times. We have a large inventory which is always ready to go.



Good Contractor with ability to undertake anything from minor works to large sub-division works. Attention to detail is good.
Tony Bristow-Stagg - Malanda