Our Fleet in Atherton Tablelands


Our Equipment

At Watto’s Earthmoving & Machinery Hire in Atherton Tablelands, we have a large inventory of industrial-grade earthmoving and excavation equipment for hire, enabling us to provide reliable, efficient services.

We maintain a comprehensive fleet that consists of a wide range of machinery and equipment. And whether you need the equipment just once or for a longer-term project, we can help. When you hire our services, we take your project from start to finish, delivering impeccable end results. Our experience has enabled us to develop specialised techniques, ensuring you get the best outcome, on time and on budget.

12 Tonne Tipper Trucks

  • UD 2640
  • UD 420
  • UD 470
  • UD 445
  • UD 455

Low Loader

  • UD 2640 with Quad Axle Float

Truck and Dog Combinations

  • UD 2640 carries 28 Tonne
  • UD 420 carries 28 Tonne
  • UD 470 carries 28 Tonne
  • UD 445 carries 24 Tonne

Water Truck

  • 3 x 12,000 Litre Water Tanks


  • CAT 12M
  • CAT 140M
  • CAT 12H


  • Case 145Csr 14 Tonne
  • Case CX210C 21 Tonne
  • Case CX250C 25 Tonne
(with various size buckets)


  • Case 1850K (equivalent to a D7)
(with stick rake & cutter bar)


  • CAT 613C


  • Case 721 EXT
  • Case 721 B
  • Case 621 B


  • Case 590 Super N
(with various size buckets)


  • Case 420
  • CAT 259D
(with broom, auger, slasher attachments)


  • CAT PSC300C Multi-Tyre
  • CAT CW34 Multi-Tyre
  • Dynapac CA2800 12 Tonne VIB Smooth Drum
  • Annamm AC110 12 Tonne VIB Smooth Drum
  • Case 7 Tonne VIB Smooth Drum
  • Case DTV35 3 Tonne Twin VIB Smooth
If you require any equipment not listed here, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We will go the extra mile to make sure your requirements are met.


Frequently Asked Questions

Would a mini excavator would be right for my project?
It depends on the depth of the hole you require. To dig holes that are 10-foot-deep, a mini excavator weighing 1,800 kg to 3 tonnes would suffice. If you need to dig a depth of 14 feet, go for a 4.5 - to 5.5 tonnes mini excavator. For holes deeper than 14 feet, a larger excavator would help you finish your project sooner.
What’s the difference between an excavator and a backhoe?
The main difference between the two is the size. In general, excavators are larger, with some models weighing over 90 tonnes. These are used in large-scale industrial work such as demolition and mining. Backhoes, meanwhile, are smaller. With an ‘arm’ equipped with a bucket on the end, this machine can reach down and out, making it ideal for digging or lifting.
What is the biggest excavator?
Caterpillar’s Bucyrus RH400 holds the title for the biggest hydraulic excavator in the world. Weighing about 980 tonnes, this front shovel excavator has a 10.98 metre crawler length and an undercarriage width of 8.6 metres.