Building Platforms in Atherton Tablelands


Site Preparation

Building a house or a shed? Watto’s Earthmoving & Machinery Hire in Atherton Tablelands is fully capable of preparing your site for the new build. We provide site clearing, levelling and grading services for building platforms, to ensure your structure is built on stable ground that’s perfectly level.

With many years of experience across a wide range of projects, we have the expertise to work with property owners, developers and builders, making sure we meet all requirements for your project. We have all the equipment necessary to complete site preparation and levelling jobs of any scope, working to timelines and budgets.
Our fleet includes the following:
  • Graders for cutting pads
  • Rollers for soil compacting
  • Water trucks for dust suppression
  • Bobcats for pad trimming, if necessary

We can give you access to a robust fleet in the event that your project calls for more or larger equipment. Site preparation can involve cutting and filling the site using excavators, which may in turn, require retaining walls. If that is the case, we can also build the appropriate retaining wall for the project.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a retaining wall?
There are various types of retaining systems and the right one for your project depends on factors such as soil conditions, budget, protection of adjacent property or structure and environmental issues. Depending on the project a retaining wall can prevent site collapse and soil loss from excess water and poor drainage.
How do I know if my site is level?
Professionals use specialised tools to determine whether a site is level, such as laser levellers. This measures the heights of two points along a horizontal plane, to find out whether the ground is level.
Which kind of dirt is best for grading?
Grading involves adding fill near the foundation and tapping it down until it’s compact. The best type of soil is one that is not too porous, so water doesn’t run through it. For this reason, grading works very well on clay.